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Welcome to NAPD Alumni Association

NAPD Alumni Association is a non-profit, non-political organization for building a warm relationship among the former participants of NAPD. It is the platform for sharing their happiness and sorrow, idea and view, right and sight. About 2200 numbers from different organizations are member of this organization. Members are Coming from different Govt./ Semi Govt./ Autonomus organizations. We are here together with visioning a building a good bonding among the officers. We hope this organization will play a good role in providing services to all members and will stand by all members as well as their family. It will help enriching our knowledge, information flow, flourishing latent talent. Finally it will play an important role in developing our country. We are excited about our future with the building of a new Community Impact Center that will serve as a venue for community organizations for better future better Bangladesh.


Mobile : 01712342305


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